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"Montessori makes learning fun!"

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The Knoxville Montessori School is a nonprofit private school that provides high-quality Montessori education in a supportive, nurturing environment to students from Preschool through 5th Grade.

For most children, Montessori is the most natural and enjoyable way to learn – and since its founding in 1966, KMS has been widely recognized as one of Knoxville’s best Montessori schools.

We invite you to learn about KMS and Montessori education by browsing this website.

For more information, or to visit to KMS, click the button below, or contact KMS at 865-525-6042 or kms(at)knoxvillemontessori.org.

Why Montessori?

Most Montessori students love going to school, and they often move ahead more quickly, and understand what they learn more fully, than students in conventional schools. For most children it is the most natural and enjoyable way to learn.

Our Program

KMS provides an integrated curriculum for students beginning in preschool and progressing through 5th grade. Our classes are designed to help children move naturally from one level to the next while building their skills and self-confidence.

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News & Resources

A Healthy Sense of Self-Esteem

Written by Elizabeth Coburn

It seems that the term “bullying” is everywhere these days. The nightly news is full of studies, campaigns, and tragedies all related to bullying. School staff and legislators are all trying to solve the problem of bullying

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The Art of Balance

Written by Paige Fowler

Walking through the Primary classes you may notice some of the children doing yoga poses, carefully walking on a thick rope, or riding a balance bike in the outdoor classroom. Children are invited to these lessons to help improve their balance, coordination, and awareness.

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Parent Resources: How to Raise an Amazing Child

Written by Annie Brown

In How to Raise a Child the Montessori Way, President of the Montessori Foundation, Tim Seldin provides helpful advice and information for parents who want to incorporate the Montessori method in their home.

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What a great environment for my kids! We love the staff, teachers and administrators! KMS Parent, 2014