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The Knoxville Montessori School prepares children for the world. Our goal is to help your child become an independent, responsible adult with a life-long love of learning.

"Montessori makes learning fun!"

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The Knoxville Montessori School is a nonprofit private school that provides high-quality Montessori education in a supportive, nurturing environment to students from Preschool through 5th Grade.

For most children, Montessori is the most natural and enjoyable way to learn – and since its founding in 1966, KMS has been widely recognized as one of Knoxville’s best Montessori schools.

We invite you to learn about KMS and Montessori education by browsing this website.

For more information, or to visit to KMS, click the button below, or contact KMS at 865-525-6042 or kms(at)knoxvillemontessori.org.

KMS’s Primary Classes have been validated by the Montessori Alliance of Tennessee! For more info, click here. For more information about the Montessori Alliance of Tennessee and MAT’s Validation Project, click here.

News & Resources

KMS Primary Classes Validated by the Montessori Alliance of Tennessee!

Written by Charlie Biggs

KMS’s Primary (preschool and Kindergarten) classes have been validated by the Montessori Alliance of Tennessee (MAT) – a statewide network of Montessori schools, teachers and families supporting high-quality Montessori education. Being validated means that an independent team of experienced Montessori educators have visited KMS, evaluated our Primary program, and confirmed that both of our Primary classes have Montessori-credentialed teachers and use a curriculum, materials and teaching strategies that are essential for a quality Montessori education. As a result, parents of KMS Primary students can be confident that their children are attending a school that implements all of the important elements Read More …

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Montessori for the Long-Term

Written by Elizabeth Coburn

At this point in the school year, re-enrollment month, many families take stock of how their children are progressing and decide whether to continue with a Montessori education here at KMS. Many times we find that the focus becomes, “Is my child learning ______?” (Fill in the blank with any specific skill.) What often gets forgotten or taken for granted is what your children are really learning. The promise of a Montessori education is that your child will become a self-confident, independent, cooperative, competent, happy person. These are lofty objectives and outcomes that are long-term goals. Your children are at Read More …

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A Healthy Sense of Self-Esteem

Written by Ellen Kellogg

It seems that the term “bullying” is everywhere these days. The nightly news is full of studies, campaigns, and tragedies all related to bullying. School staff and legislators are all trying to solve the problem of bullying

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We are enjoying KMS very much. [Our daughter] has grown in ways big and small since August and we appreciate the positive and cheerful atmosphere KMS provides. KMS Parent, 2014