Your child will be treated as themselves and not made to fit in a box. KMS Parent, 2010

Early Drop Off and After Care

Early Drop Off

KMS provides drop off as early as 7:30 each school day. During this time, students go directly to their classrooms to help with set-up and to start working on their lessons.

After Care

KMS provides After Care until 6:00 p.m. each school day, supervised by our After Care staff. Primary students enter After Care at 2:30; Elementary students at 3:15.

In good weather, much of After Care is spent on the playground. This outdoor play time gives children the opportunity to practice their social skills, create activities and games, and get the exercise they need.

During inclement weather, After Care is inside. Children can chose from a variety of games, puzzles, drawing materials, and other indoor activities.

It’s been a good year for [my son]. Thanks to you and everyone there for all your work. The school has been a good thing for him, a positive influence on his life. KMS Parent, 2012