This is my son’s second year at KMS and we are thrilled! He asked everyday over summer break when he could go back! KMS Parent, 2008

How to Apply

The admission process for Primary or Elementary includes the following steps:

  1. Complete the KMS Inquiry Form.
  2. Schedule a School Tour with the Education Director. (We recommend that first visits are without your child)
  3. Classroom observation. Please read our Observation Guidelines before your visit.
  4. Submission of the application form:
  5. Child Visit.

After the interview and the class visit, it is usually clear to the parents and to the KMS staff if KMS will be a good fit for the child. If it is, we will either admit the child or place them on our waiting list, depending on the number of available spaces.

If you have any questions about the application process, contact KMS at 865-525-6042. For technical assistance on the Inquiry or Application, contact TADS support at 612-548-3369.

Enrollment Fee & Security Deposit

After a child has been admitted to either primary or elementary, the parents must submit an enrollment contract, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $300, and a $500 security deposit to hold the child’s place.

Primary Class Assignments

Parents whose children are entering our primary program may request a specific class or teacher during the application process. KMS reserves the right, however, to place entering children in either primary class depending on what is best for the child and the classroom he/she is entering. Once a child is placed in a class, he/she will remain in that class for subsequent years.

Your child will be treated as themselves and not made to fit in a box. KMS Parent, 2010