This is my son’s second year at KMS and we are thrilled! He asked everyday over summer break when he could go back! KMS Parent, 2008

Our Board

Board of Trustees

KMS is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of parents, community representatives, and members of our staff. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the school. Board members also set policy, do long-term planning, and help with fundraising.

Parents and community representatives are elected at a parent meeting at the beginning of each school year. They serve two-year terms and can be elected a total of three times.

Board Officers – 2016-2017

  • President – Erika Layton
  • Vice-President – Jenifer Plageman-Davis
  • Secretary – Ana Goncalves
  • Treasurer – Ann Santomassino

Parent and Community Representatives, 2016-2017

  • Margaux Akright – Primary II
  • Heather Beverly – School at Large
  • Adam Braude – Community Representative
  • Nina Cantafio – Past President
  • Tennille Priestly – Elementary
  • Haroing Qi – Primary at Large

Staff Representatives

  • Charlie Biggs, Operations Director
  • Elizabeth Coburn, Elementary
  • Valérie Kuentz, Primary I
  • Paige Fowler, Primary II
What I noticed when my daughter started middle school was how much more organized she was than most of her friends. She didn’t seem to have any trouble getting her homework and other assignments done on time. The KMS Elementary teachers did a great job preparing her! KMS Alumni Parent, 2015