Parent Responsibilities at KMS

One of the things we discussed at Parent Orientation was the importance of parents being engaged in and supportive of their children’s education. Teachers do a wonderful job, but they cannot educate children alone. They need the active help and support of parents so that children can do their best work in class and get the most out of their education.

I’m sure that all our parents understand and agree with this concept. But because Montessori is so different from traditional education, it can be hard to know how best to help your child while they’re at KMS.

Helping parents address this question is the goal of our new Parent Responsibilities policy. A copy of this policy was included in your packet at Parent Orientation, and can be found by clicking here: Parent Responsibilities.

As you will see when your read the policy, it focuses on two main areas: 1) providing an optimal home environment and 2) learning about Montessori education.

Providing an optimal home environment includes ensuring that your child gets adequate sleep and proper nourishment, among other things. It also includes getting them to school on time and limiting their screen time, especially on the way to school. All of this is explained in more detail in the policy.

Learning about Montessori education includes taking advantage of our parent education activities, such as our Montessori for Parents programs next week, so you can understand more clearly what your children are doing in class. This will help you evaluate and support their efforts more effectively.

We believe that parent education is so important that starting this year, we will give priority for re-enrollment to students whose parents attend at least four parent education activities and/or parent-teacher conferences during the course of the year.

I encourage all of you to read the full Parent Responsibilities policy and to commit yourselves to doing everything you can to meet the goals it outlines. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership with each of our families so we can work together to help our students succeed.

We hope you will join us in this effort. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.