Parent Resources: How to Raise an Amazing Child

Book by Tim Seldin cover

In How to Raise a Child the Montessori Way, President of the Montessori Foundation, Tim Seldin provides helpful advice and information for parents who want to incorporate the Montessori method in their home.  He offers a practical program for parents to use with their child, from birth through Kindergarten. Seldin also offers activity ideas that help foster independence, concentration and respect for others.     

The following topics are covered in How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way:

  • Making your Home Child-Friendly: This book will guide you from your baby’s first bedroom to your toddler’s arts and crafts area.  Seldin shows parents how to adapt their home to a growing child. 
  • Sensory Activities: Seldin organizes a variety of sensory activities into age appropriate categories.
  • Independence:  This section will offer tips on teaching your child how to dress himself, help around the house, master bathroom skills and more. 
  • Exploring the Wider World: Have you wondered how to expose your child to their natural world and different cultures? Seldin offers tips for introducing your child to the world outside your home. 
  • Keeping Peace:  This book also provides guidelines for demonstrating grace and courtesy, incorporating discipline and limiting distractions, such as T.V.

In addition to these topics, Seldin explains the Montessori Method, provides tips on how to observe a Montessori School and introduces the foundations of learning, such as mathematics and writing.

If you have questions about How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way, or any of our books in the Parent Resource Library, please feel free to talk with your child’s teachers or with Mr. Biggs.